• Our hot products——concrete vibrator

    Our concrete vibrator exists in five forms: electric concrete vibrator , Gasoline engine concrete vibrator, diesel concrete vibrator, and high-frequency concrete vibrator and portable concrete vibrator depending on the types of customers’ country request. Each of the five varieties can be e...
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  • Something about reversible plate compactor

    Contractors may get the high productivity and flexibility they require with reversible plate compactors. With a reversible plate, high-quality compaction may be ensured without adding extra labor costs to the project. On many tasks, no further compaction equipment is needed because a reversible p...
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  • The five details of the plate compactor are the advantages of the product

    One-way plate compactor is suitable for compaction in narrow and long areas such as the edge of roadbed, bridges and culverts, pipelines, and the bottom of trenches. Models include: one-way plate compactor, reversible plate compactor, electric plate compactor, full hydraulic plate compactor, etc....
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  • How does the plate compactor solve the problem of asphalt pavement rolling and compaction?

    In road construction, asphalt pavement often encounters various problems. Let’s analyze the common ones. Asphalt pavement cracking directly affects the service life of the pavement. The result of cracking is that the rainwater on the road penetrates into the base, and the action of driving,...
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  • Mini wheel loader, a small expert in construction engineering!

    Regardless of whether it is a large project or a small project, there must be handling, unloading and loading operations. There are many materials on the construction site and the area is large. In the past, only relying on manual handling operations was not only inefficient, but also cost too mu...
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  • A few little knowledge about loaders

    A few little knowledge about loaders

    1. The world’s first loader and my country’s first loader Wagner & Sons of Portland, USA, introduced two new wheel loaders in 1953, the LD5 and LD10, which were the world’s first articulated wheel loaders. Volvo invented one of the first wheel loaders in 1954, dubbing it the...
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  • The introduction of 2000W-18000rpm high frequency concrete vibrator

    2000W-18000rpm high frequency concrete vibrator, a very light and easy to handle concrete vibrator with shoulder straps for easy transport. The lightweight hand concrete vibrator weighs only 6kg and is easy to operate. It is one of the most widely used products and is known for its low noise, hig...
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  • What to Consider When Choosing the Best Plate Compactor?

    What to Consider When Choosing the Best Plate Compactor?

    Whether you’re a contractor considering buying a plate compactor for your business or a DIYer looking to rent one for a project, it’s important to understand the various types of devices available, how they work, and what they’re made of. Types of Plate Compactors In basic terms, a plate compacto...
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  • Mini crawler excavator, a good helper in farmland orchard!

    Nowadays, agricultural development requires efficiency and quality. It has basically bid farewell to the era of manual labor and has moved towards agricultural mechanization. The application of small excavators has also become more and more extensive, from the construction industry to agriculture...
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  • How to do the Maintenance of CX Serious excavator in Australia?

    For users, as we all know the mini excavator is very popular in many areas like the garden work, construction job and the farmland. But many of users do not know how to do the Maintenance to make a long use for the machine. 1. The Electric control. Like one car stopped we need to turn off the eng...
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  • Mini excavators are on fire abroad!

    If you ask Chinese products going global, which one is the most representative? The answer is: excavators. Construction machinery products are the largest category of China’s foreign trade exports, and excavators, as a barometer of the construction machinery industry, are always the number ...
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  • How should the concrete mixing station be maintained in summer?

    How should the concrete mixing station be maintained in summer?

    On a long road, it can be completed step by step, and no matter how short the road is, it is difficult to reach without stepping out your legs. Below I will introduce in detail the maintenance method of concrete mixer in summer; Summer is hot and humid, and the suction pipe, the periphery of the ...
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