About Us

ACE Machinery optimally combines power and finesse to bring you the finest in concrete and compaction machinery. As the leading Chinese manufacturer of heavy-duty construction tools, we can offer clients a wide range of dedicated equipment including the water pump, rebar cutter, rebar bender, concrete saw, and concrete mixer. Also available is a complete selection of concrete equipment accessories. Excellent for foundational construction and maintenance, our products are often utilized in worksites such as roads, houses, plazas, railroads, and airports.

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 ACE tools are approved by industry standards such as CE and CCC. Starting in 2009, our production facilities have been audited on a yearly basis by professionals from the TÜV SÜD Group. Since our oversea distribution network was established in 2005, we have secured export destinations in regions including the Americas, Africa, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle-East, etc.

Our Advanced Certificate

Our company was incorporated in 1995 as the Zhenxing Construction Machinery Factory. We are headquartered within the Yinzhou District of Ningbo City, the Chinese cradle for vibrator needles-our operation begun with a specialization in this component. Nearly 2 decades of foreign trade experience has allowed us to emerge as a prominent manufacturer in the domestic industry. Our company property extends 8,000m2 while the combined floor area of our facilities sums up to 23,000m2. Close proximity with both the Ningbo Port and the Lishe International Airport grants us convenient logistics.

Reasons For Choosing Ningbo Ace Machinery Co.,Ltd

We have a registered capital of 1.3 million RMB and more than 120 employees including 3 product engineers, 3 production supervisors, 4 warehouse managers, 5 QA consultants, 8 operational personnel, and 95 skilled laborers. In 2012, we recorded revenues of 38 million RMB. Our company infrastructure is divided in to self-contained departments for specializations such as development, production, assembly, sampling, sanitation, quality assurance, and human resources. Personalized management allows us to vitalize the working environment and improve the flow process while strictly regulating the quality control system.

With product quality as our number one priority, we will create a brand that redefines the industry.